iGreen Mission

iGreen Mission

Making the World a Better Place

Making the World a Better Place Using Creativity & the Power of Communication

Yes, we have a big goal, we know it
The first questions we had when creating the iGreen project were:
• How can we create something new to help the environment?
• How can we use creativity and the power of communication to help what is around us, to help people start understanding the importance of taking care of our “world”?
• And how can we do that following a sustainable business model?

Well let’s just say the answers were not that easy!

We have a strong belief that the sum of a lot of small acts can really help us reach the goal of living in a better place. Starting with small acts, everyone has the potential to help the environment, to help all of us live in a more sustainable environment. We are strong believers that Small acts make a Big impact!

But all small acts start with a thought, an idea. We need to start focusing on the fact that the environment that surrounds us is our house, where we live 24/7. We would never let anyone in our private home to damage our furniture, poison our food, or throw garbage on our floor!

In an effort to help inspire and educate companies and people on the importance of the environment, from “thinking” and performing “small acts”, we have created the iGreen project.

We came up with the idea of a new Green Communication Project, where creativity and promotion would give birth to something unique and different. The project allows companies and people to fully express their creativity and help the environment through the Power of Communication.

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