Where to use eco objects

Where To UseOur Eco Objects


Ovetto Recycling Bin is the perfect solution to manage in a creative, unique & functionally way the everyday small office waste, like paper, plastic and organic. You can customize Ovetto choosing the colors of your office or matching the colors of your brand or even using Ovetto to communicate a message, customizing It in pad printing, or with stickers. Let’s free your creativity, Discover Ovetto

Restaurants & Hotels

Creativity, Design & Functionality in Unique eco Objects.

Discover our eco object U-Trash perfect for the Outdoor small waste collecting. U-Trash is an indestructible object, with a unique design, customizable with any colors. It will last forever, surviving at any weather condition, without changing Its shape and Its beauty.Nowadays Details are making the differences, discover our Eco Objects Solutions.

Special Events

If you need really something cool, that will impress your guests, helping in the same time the environment, facilitating the collecting of waste in a proper way, than choose and customize for your special event one of our Eco Objects.

Public Spaces

For Public spaces what is important, is having a strong solution, a strong item, that can resist a heavy using. Capable to resist years over years, and in the same time capable to offer a simple way to collect and managing the small waste. What about adding a unique Design and the possibility to customize It? Let’s just make It better! Discover our product U-Trash bin.